We believe that experience is just as valuable as education when it comes to entering a life of ministry and leadership. Without experience, there is nothing to apply knowledge to, and that is why we exist! We are passionate about giving first-hand experience to all of our students in areas of ministry that match their giftings. All citylifeU interns work on site at citylife church in Tampa, which was the 7th fastest growing church in America last year. The experience and opportunities our interns get gives them a head start and provides valuable tools and knowledge needed to operate in a healthy and successful life of ministry.


– Old Testament

– New Testament

– Spiritual Formation

– Discipleship



We exist to equip and train young adults who feel called to ministry, and are looking for mentorship and experience. We are passionate about creating disciples and pour into each one of our interns with a biblical model of discipleship. Our goal is for every intern that completes our program to be more grounded in their relationship with Jesus, as well as experienced in their gifting’s, and ready to pursue a healthy and successful life in ministry.


Is citylifeU accredited?

citylifeU is a partnership with Lee University and offers classes and electives that are transferable to Lee University. As part of this partnership students are able to receive a discount of 50 percent off tuition in any program through Lee University Online. citylifeU is also an official School of Ministry in partnership with Church of God International and offers classes that are recognized by the Florida State Office. This allows the intern who completes all aspects of the citylifeU program to qualify for an application to begin the process of ordination through Church of God International. 

Does everyone who finishes citylifeU get ordained?

Every application for ordination through the Church of God International is considered individually. This means that a student who completes their program through citylifeU will be eligible to apply, but this does not guarantee they will receive their ordination. Education Credits will transfer over, however there are also letters of recommendation coming from the Pastors and Leaders of citylifeU that will be reviewed and considered as part of the inquiry process the Florida State Office considers before they move an application forward. 

Do you get paid for an internship through citylifeU?

citylifeU does not offer paid internships for 1st year interns at this time. We do have a large network of churches and ministries that regularly connect with us for job opportunities for graduating interns. This means that citylifeU is a great opportunity to gain experience and also connect with leaders who can help you take steps forward into future opportunities. 

Do you need a car?

Every intern is responsible for their own transportation. Having a car is not mandatory, however taking care of your own transportation without relying on leaders or other interns will be expected. 

Do you have dorms?

Yes we do! We have dorms that sit on the beautiful property of our East Lake Campus. All of our housing expenses are covered within tuition. Each intern will have their own individual room, closet, bed, desk and shower.  

How much does tuition cost?

At the moment tuition costs $3,000.00. We have payment plans available that can bring payments down to $250 a month for 12 months. All books and housing are included in tuition. We also have needs-based scholarship an intern can apply for. 

Is there an age limit for enrollment?

Yes, we are currently only accepting applications from individuals who are between 18-25 years old. 

If I don’t want to be a Pastor, would citylifeU still be a good place for me?

Yes! Absolutely! Our interns do not have to go on working within a church to benefit from an internship through citylifeU. We believe that the experience you have will prepare you for ministry in any area of life. Whether at home, work, church or the mission field, you have been called to be an ambassador of the Kingdom and a communicator of the Gospel! citylifeU prepares you to walk out your calling regardless of where your future is. 

Will I spend time with other Pastors while going through citylifeU?

Yes! One of the greatest aspects of our program is the ability to work alongside incredible Pastors and Leaders who will spend time pouring into you and help you navigate your calling and walking it out. Our prayer is those relationships you form while being a part of citylifeU will last a lifetime and build a network of mentors and leaders for you in your future. 

Are there expectations for my lifestyle while being a part of citylifeU?

Yes, as a way to protect the culture and stability of our program we require all students to honor the expectations of our lifestyle commitments. You can learn more about these expectations during the interview process or by reaching out to us through email at citylifeu@citylifechurch.cc

Can you have children and be an intern at citylifeU?

Great question! We love parents, and God has such an amazing plan to use you in this world. Unfortunately, because of our demands on our interns schedules we do not currently accept applications from individuals with children. We STRONGLY believe that family comes before ministry, and the current model of our schedule is not designed with the demands of being a parent in mind. 

What areas of ministry will I be experiencing in citylifeU?

You will have the opportunity to get experience in areas ranging from worship, video/graphic design, stage production, sound equipment, youth/kid’s ministry, preaching/teaching, leading and organizing events, team-building, local and global mission outreach, conferences and much more! 

Will I be a part of a local church if I attend citylifeU?

Yes! You will be very involved at our church (citylife church) and the majority of your education and experience will be at one our Campuses. You will be surrounded by Pastors and Leaders who will be by your side as you go through your program. 

Where is citylifeU located?

We are located in a thriving area of Tampa, Florida. 

What is Tampa like?

Tampa is a very diverse and rapidly expanding part of Florida that has multiple malls, theme parks and local shops and restaurants to explore. Tampa is currently one of the fastest growing parts of the country. Our dorms are only 15 minutes from Busch Gardens and only 1 hour from Disney World! 


Being part of the internship has taken me places in my walk that I could have never gone on my own. It allowed me to RISE to my purpose and dive deeper into my faith, gifting, and my calling. This helped me cultivate my purpose and GROW in leadershipskills. Being new in my faith, I wasn’t sure what the next step for me should be, but I knew I wanted more than just a passive, ordinary relationship with God.


I came into the internship already having experience serving at the church. I was wanting to see if there was more, and since my first day in the program I was launched into a season of growth and training! I am now walking into a leadership position in one of our campuses, and love what I do!


The citylifeU internship program was an experience that changed my life forever! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but only one year after graduating I am walking into a ministry position as a Kid’s Pastor. The experience and training I got through citylifeU opened so many doors for me to truly walk in my God given purpose!


citylifeU has been a catalyst in the development of my leadership skills. I was pushed to grow and develop my own techniques to lead and minister to a variety of audiences. The amount of experience and knowledge that the leaders I worked with had was incredible, and I feel so blessed to have had that time with them.


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