Growth Track

Growth Track

No matter when you come to citylife church, you can start growing. Each week we offer Growth Track classes that are designed to assist in a deeper understanding of God, His Word, our purpose in life and the workings of citylife church. Below are the focal points of each Growth Track week. Weeks one through three (101-301) meet at 10:30 and 12:30 in room 2 and on week four (401) meet at 10:30 ONLY (to attend 401 you must have attended 101-301 prior). Fifth Sundays and holidays we don’t offer Growth Track classes.

All are encouraged to go through the classes. We will have signs in the lobby letting you know which class we will meet in.

Growth Track  1

(Taught the first Sunday of the month)

Our Story
Core Values
Beliefs and Structure
Covenant membership
Connect Groups
Growth Track

Growth Track 2

(Taught the second Sunday of the month)

Understanding Biblical Christianity
Time with God
Growing in relationships
Living a spirit filled life
Giving back

Growth Track 3

(Taught the third Sunday of the month)

Discovering your design
Spiritual gifts test
Personality profile
Setting up your citylife profile

Growth Track 4

(Taught the forth Sunday of the month. Also called membership Sunday!)

Becoming a MVP
Ministries and ministry teams
Practical commitments
Volunteer application
Planning Center