Welcome to citylife

We’re so glad you chose to visit citylifechurch.cc. We are a diverse congregation representing people from a variety of backgrounds, nations, races, and ages. citylife is known for its dynamic worship experience, practical life teaching, loving atmosphere and generosity to others.

The beginning point in the citylife church experience for most is Sunday morning. Our Sunday morning services are designed to help you connect with God. It’s where teaching, worship, music, and the arts come together to bring life and faith into a clearer focus.

Our passion is our community and our neighbors, meeting needs wherever and whenever we can, connecting people to God and to each other.

Whether you’re investigating the Christian faith or you’re coming at the invitation of a neighbor or friend, we’re glad you’re checking us out.

Do you feel called to ministry?

If you are a young adult 18-25 and feel called to ministry, then our citylifeU internship program is meant just for you. Internship is meant to equip, train and disciple young leaders and prepare them for ministry. During the program you will be stretched and challenged to grow outside of your comfort zone and walk in your gifting and God given purpose. For more information on citylifeU internship visit our page below.